Word for the Month: RENEWAL
Scripture of the Month: Mark 6
Thought for the Month: Soul Reset calls the church and all of Jesus’ disciples to reset and reorder their lives around spiritual practices, to learn to walk through difficult seasons with our souls connected to the source of Living Water so that we don’t burn out or break down. And if we do burn out or break down, we learn to lift up and point one another back to Jesus.

This 6-week study is for everyone who moves at breakneck speed through daily life, often relying only on their own strength to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus shows us a different way—an easier, unforced rhythm of what kingdom work looks like. It’s a balance of work, rest, play, worship, exercise, eating well, and participating in spiritual practices that keep our souls hydrated and healthy.
Emphasis for the Month: Spiritual Disciplines
Pastor’s Book of the Month: Soul Reset: Breakdown, Breakthrough, and the Journey to Wholeness by Junius B. Dotson